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7 Scents That Can Make You Feel Better

Scents. They are everywhere around us, yes we don’t know their true powers. Below there’s a scents guide and how to use them. Lemon Scents Beats the Blues A whiff...


Coffee facts that you probably didn’t know

Oh Mornings! What’s there to fuel our engines up? Coffee, of course. The morning magical liquor that turns morning zombies into functional (and friendly) human beings. Not only it boost...


Cheap holiday destinations for the month of August

The Americas: The Carribean The weather is still very good (there is no rain even if it’s supposed to be the wet season) and the prices are low. So August seems...


Digital tips – Best apps to get you around Dubai

Grab some discounts, call a cab or unlock some new emojis with some Dubai personalized apps: Styck Maybe Dubai doesn’t have the perfect weather to walk around outside but this...


Smart Home Concept – The future of your home

Are you a technology wizard? Want to extend the technology of your home to a whole different level? Coldwell Banker Real Estate highlights the criteria a smart home should meet....


The Holy Month of Ramadan in facts

Here are a few facts about the Holy Month of Ramadan when Muslims will fast from sunrise until sunset. 1. Ramadan, according to the Muslim Calendar is the ninth month and also the...


17 days to create world’s first 3D office in Dubai

The first 3D printed and fully-functional office in the world is now nesting nearby the iconic Emirates Towers, Dubai and it is now ready to work. The printer used for...


Around the World: All About Thailand

Travelling to Thailand and you don’t know where to start? Here is a full guide of the best places to be in the country. Thailand – a corner of heaven...


Facts you probably didn’t know about X-Men

Who doesn’t love X-Men and their adventures? Coldwell Banker is the official sponsor of X-Men: Apocalypse and we thought to gather together some unusual facts about the famous Marvel Comics characters....